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Benefit-Cost Analysis of BigBelly Solar Trash Compactors ...

BigBelly Solar offers a "smart" trash compactor which monitors the fullness of the trash cans and sends frequent wireless sig-nals to a website, where maintenance staff can monitor the fullness of all solar compactors in their system. The solar compactors also send urgent signals when the trash can is ap-

BigBelly, a solar-powered trash compactor | ZDNet

Jul 18, 2007· BigBelly, a solar-powered trash compactor. The National Public Radio (NPR) recently reported that the Chicago Park District has installed 25 solar-powered trash compactors …

Bigbelly - Egbert Taylor

A window to the future. Bigbelly is a world leading smart waste and recycling solution for public spaces. Communities deploy smart, solar-powered, sensor-equipped waste and recycling stations that communicate real-time status to waste collection operatives to enable and increase efficiencies.

'BigBelly' High-Tech Trash Cans in Philly Didn't Work Out ...

Jun 26, 2017· 'BigBelly' High-Tech Trash Cans in Philly Didn't Work Out As Planned (Opinion) When Philadelphia invested in the solar-powered trash cans, the …

The Only Solar-Powered Waste - Bigbelly

Bigbelly's HC5 model is the ONLY smart, solar-powered waste compactor that works in any location, thanks to Skip-A-Cycle TM patented energy management technology. In its a fifth generation design, the HC5 has been field proven out on streets across the globe. This first, proven, and leading solar-powered waste compactor delivers a 150 gallons of capacity, up to 10X a traditional waste bin.

Bigbelly High Capacity Compactor

Bigbelly® High Capacity Compactor [email protected] Bigbelly.com Bigbelly Solar, Inc. 150 A Street – Suite 103 Needham, MA 02494 USA Toll-free: +1 888.820.0300 International: +1 781.444.6002

Philadelphia's $4,000 Big Belly trash cans a messy waste ...

Syracuse, NY - Fans of the $4,000 Big Belly trash can point to Philadelphia as the model for installing a successful system of the solar-powered, compacting, smart talking waste receptacles ...

Bigbelly Solar Compactors - Solar Bins Australia

Solar Compactor benefits. High Capacity - 600 liters – Automatic compaction when full allows 5x capacity of standard 120L wheelie bins; Multi-stream options available to create customised combination stations (pairing Smartbelly with Bigbelly where necessary)

"A Solar Trash Can?" - BigBelly

A Bigbelly garbage can has an automatic trash compactor inside, allowing it to hold five times more waste than a regular can. And when a Bigbelly can hold no more, it transmits a wireless signal to the garbage collectors, telling them it's time to make a pick-up.

Bigbelly's Wi-Fi-enabled, solar-powered bins could lead to ...

If you're walking down the street and your mobile device suddenly detects a Wi-Fi hotspot, stop and take a look around – you may see one of Bigbelly's solar-powered, Wi-Fi-enabled, recycling ...

BigBelly - Wikipedia

Bigbelly was originally a solar powered, rubbish-compacting bin, manufactured by U.S. company Bigbelly Solar for use in public spaces such as parks, beaches, amusement parks, universities, retail properties, grocery industry and food service operators. The bin was designed and originally manufactured in Needham, Massachusetts by Seahorse Power, a company set up in 2003 …

Bigbelly - Smartsensor Technologies

By installing a network of Bigbelly Solar compactors we will help your waste management teams maximise their productivity by knowing exactly where and when they need to empty the bins in their network. Further to this, your team will need to service the network less often as our bins compact rubbish by up to 5 times that of a normal receptacle.

Official BigBelly Solar Overview - Solar Powered Trash ...

Jun 23, 2009· The BigBelly Solar Compactor is a patented compacting trash receptacle that is completely self-powered. Its capacity is five times greater. ... Big Belly Trash Compactor In Action - Duration: 4:10 ...

BigBelly Solar: Transforming Trash Collection Operations ...

BigBelly Solar Transforming Public-Space Trash Collection Operations Objectives BigBelly Solar is a leading global provider of innovative and sustainable solutions for waste and recycling management, with more than 800 customers in virtually every U.S. state and 30 countries. The BigBelly Solar intelligent waste & recycling collection system combines a powerful management console, software ...


The BigBelly® solar compactor with integrated recycling units is the world's only system that provides on-site compaction of solid waste and separation of recyclable materials. The combination of recycling units with BigBelly provides significant economic, environmental and educational benefits.

Big Belly Solar Powered Trash Compactor (News Story ...

Apr 26, 2012· The City of Dayton has partnered with the Greater Dayton RTA to make city streets greener and cleaner. Ten of Dayton's busiest street corners and transit sto...

BigBelly FAQ's | WAXIE Sanitary Supply

What kind of maintenance does a BigBelly solar compactor require? The BigBelly solar compactor has been designed to require very low levels of maintenance. No maintenance is required on the motor or the solar panel, which are sealed, maintenance-free components. Guidelines are available in the operating manual.

BigBelly Solar

BigBelly Solar BigBelly Solar is changing the concept of waste collection by implementing on-site solar compaction systems. Our flagship product, the BigBelly, can be found around the world, reducing pollution by cutting down the frequency of trash collection trips.

BigBelly Solar

Innovating the first solar-powered trash compactor BigBelly Solar used SolidWorks software to take the BigBelly solar-powered trash compactor from a single proof-of-concept prototype – that debuted at Colorado's Vail Ski Resort in 2004 – through several additional demonstration prototypes to a full commercial product run in the spring of ...

Waste & Recycling - Bigbelly Singapore | Solar Compactor ...

The Bigbelly Compactor takes up the same "footprint" as an ordinary street bin – but because of its compaction capability it can hold up to eight times more waste. Outdoor compacting units use solar power for of its energy needs whilst indoor compacting units draw power from an inbuilt battery that is drip charged by an AC connection.

Bigbelly - Soldrivna papperskorgar med komprimator | EWF ECO

Genom att Bigbelly håller avfallet inneslutet bidrar systemet till att offentliga miljöer hålls renare och snyggare. Färre överfulla papperskorgar, inga synliga sopor …

HOA & Community Waste Solutions | Waste Management

The SmartEnergy℠ Compactor's electronic controls are powered by solar energy, provided by Big Belly™ Solar, while the compactor cycle is traditionally powered; The SmartEnergy℠ Compactor has a "two-speed" system that "downshifts" when it needs more compression, resulting in lower energy usage than a traditional one-speed system

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Communities deploy smart, solar-powered, sensor-equipped waste & recycling stations that communicate their real-time status to streamline waste operations. Bigbelly is a platform deployed in the public right-of-way that delivers much more than smart waste & recycling. In addition to modernizing a core city service, it is optimal for hosting ...

Bigbelly Solar | Friendly Energy - Wir denken weiter

Obwohl Bigbelly® Solar ein Riesen-Abfallverdichter ist, ist er kein Energiefresser, da er Sonnenenergie verwendet. Auch ohne direkte Sonneneinstrahlung arbeitet Bigbelly® Solar eine ganze Woche mit dem gleichen Energieaufwand den Sie benötigen um eine Kanne Kaffee herzustellen.

BigBelly Solar Powered Trash Compactor Overview | WAXIE ...

The BigBelly Solar Intelligent Waste & Recycling Collection System has been designed to harness the power of information technology and renewable energy to solve an expensive and messy problem: how to more efficiently manage the process of collecting solid waste and recycling.

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